Own a CEC Franchise

Prerequisites and Procedure of applying for a Franchisee of CEC:   
☆ A space of about 800 to 1000 square ft. or less depending on the locality / Place / Town / City. The place should have a peaceful and convenient environment for educational activities with adequate facilities for drinking water and toilets. 
☆As per agreement minimum 10 Computers (or 7 for selected places) required. Should have the  capacity to increase computers as the number of student increases.
☆  The agreement will be between CEC and a firm i.e. the applying party or individual should have a  firm. e.g. XYZ Infotech.
☆ One person from the firm will be appointed as a Director for the said CEC centre. He/She should  carry a good qualification & should be computer literate. He/She should devote full time to the centre.
Franchise fees :
☆ General Franchise Fee: Rs.1,00,000/- (One Lakh only). Authorised for conducting courses in    Computer Education (Software & Hardware), Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Interior Designing, Journalism & Mass. Communication, Travel & Tourism, Spoken English & Beautician Training.
☆ Master Franchise Fee: Rs. 2,00,000/- (Two lakhs), Authorised for conducting all CEC courses.   Master Franchise also includes (authorized for) undertaking School/College Projects.
☆ Royalty: 10% of the course fees (i.e. if the total collection is Rs. 1,00,000 then 10,000/- is to be  paid as royalty to CEC).
☆ Procedure of applying for a Franchisee: Rs.10,000/- have to be deposited as an advance amount of franchisee fee for inspection of the location. A team of authorized personnel of CEC will inspect the place & location thereafter. If the inspection report comes positive, the remaining Franchisee fee has to be paid at the time of agreement (the agreement is generally signed on Monday or Friday, for this purpose date will be given in advance). If the inspection report comes as negative then the traveling allowance i.e. the bus fare & an additional amount of Rs. 1,000/- will be deducted and the rest amount will be paid back.
☆ The agreement needs to be signed up within 7 days from the date of inspection.
☆  The agreement will be valid upto two years. After two years the agreement can be renewed after a fresh inspection and a renewal fee of Rs.15,000/- for franchisee and Rs.25,000/- for Master Franchisee need to paid to CEC.
☆  Payments will be made in Cash / Cheque / NEFT Bank transfer or in Demand Drafts in favour of  “CEC” payable at Guwahati only.~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~The CEC Franchisee will get the following benefits :~~~~~
☆  Free Advertisement: Free Advertisement of minimum Rs. 50,000/- for Franchises and Rs. 80,000/-  for Master Franchise in all leading Newspapers and other advertising media.
☆  Free Leaflets : 2500 nos. of leaflets before starting the centre & another 2500 nos. of leaflets after opening of the center.
☆  Free Banner: 10+1 numbers of  6×3 feet or  8×4 feet (maximum size) Flex (banner) for the initial promotion of the centre. 
☆  Hoardings at prominent places or at the convenient palaces to be placed without any extra costs borne by the Franchisee. The decision of the installation of Hoardings will be decided by the Head Office.
☆  Main Sign Board of the Centre will be provided by the Head Office.☆  The Main Backdrop of the Reception Desk will be provided by CEC Head Office.
☆   Free Prospectuses & Admission forms: 100 nos. of prospectus each and admission forms.
☆    Free Receipt Books: 05 nos. of money receipt books consisting of hundred pages.
☆    No Agreement Charges: Stamp paper agreement copy and License copy (Authorization Certificate).
☆    The franchisee will receive – Syllabus, CEC-Student’s Bag, CEC-Book, CEC-Copies, Sample Diploma, Syllabus, Authorization certificate, Courseware.
☆     There will be a specific training for Teaching & Non-teaching staffs and Special Business Training for the Director.
☆   Above all you become a member of an institution which is providing quality education from over two decades of status and standing in the IT industry.

  To know more about CEC Franchisee call / message : 98540 79999, 97060 79999