A beautiful exterior coupled with an attractive personality makes a perfect person. The importance of a beautiful body cannot be underestimated. The main aim of this course is to impart real expertise specialized in the beauty parlours and the beauty service businesses.
CEC is determined to provide the highest quality pooled professional resources, which is capable of discovering new profit opportunities and self employment generation. Coupled with some real experts from the beauty industry this courseware will shed light on some of the delicacies of the human body and skin to nourish it into a perfect one. There are also a detailed section of various hair styles and techniques.

Advanced Diploma in Beautician (ADB)
Duration:  06 Months
Qualification : 10th appeared or above
Total Course Fees : Rs. 9,000/- (Lumpsum)
Installment : Rs. 3000/- (at the time of admission) + Rs. 1500/- x 4 months

Special Certificate in Beautician  (SCB)
Duration: 3 Months 
Qualification : 10th Appeared or above
Total Course Fees : Rs. 5,000/- (Lumpsum)